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Servicing Prices / Costs

Our Maintenance Services


“Our annual basic  servicing prices start from £3.50”

Annual Service:Chub Fire Servicing
During our basic annual service, our engineer carries out various procedures on the fire extinguisher depending on its make and type.

This service includes:

  • Checking all parts such as: valves, safety devices, gauges, and operating mechanisms.
  • Checking internally and externally for corrosion
  • Checking the weight is within the stated range
  • Compiling a maintenance report or Certificate of Inspection –

A legal record of the maintenance carried out on the fire extinguishers to be kept by the customer.

“Our recharge/refill prices start from £15.50”

Extended Service:
Extended services generally involve carrying out a test discharge on the fire extinguisher, checking internal and external parts, then recharging the fire extinguisher for ready for use, if deemed safe by our engineers.extinguisher_sales

BS 5306 – 3, states that water, foam, powder and wet chemical fire extinguishers are required to have extended services every 5 years.

Co2 fire extinguishers must have a pressure test / Overhaul test every 10 years.

We carry out a service exchange for co2 fire extinguishers due this test. That is, we exchange your old co2 fire extinguisher for a new or refurbished, tested co2 fire extinguisher.This is more cost effective as it saves time spent on your premises, prevents a return visit from being necessary and ensures that co2 fire extinguishers are tested and recharged by specialists in certified testing stations.

“Our safety sign prices start from £1.99”

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We carry safety signs:

Each fire extinguisher should be accompanied by appropriate safety signage indicating the type of fire extinguisher.




Plumber and her fire extinguisher


We Wall mount:

All fire extinguishers should, where possible; Be wall mounted on a suitable bracket or placed on a fire extinguisher stand.

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